Utilities Service Info


In case of emergency, call 911 or the Sheriff’s Dept. 688-3400


FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT CO:  Customer Sevice: 561-697-8000   1-800-226-3545     http://www.fpl.com/

SEACOAST UTILITY (WATER):  Customer Service: 561-627-2920   http://www.sua.com/

SOUTH FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT:  The South Florida Water Management District sets the irrigation rules for Palm Beach County. Residents of Crystal Pointe may water their lawns three times a week.
Those with an odd numbered street address may water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday BEFORE 10am or AFTER 4 pm.
Those with even numbered addresses may water Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday BEFORE 10am or AFTER 4pm.

Additional watering days are provided following the installation of new lawns and landscaping for up to 90 days.

Complete details and rules for pick-up are at:        http://my.sfwmd.gov/

COMCAST: Basic Cable is included in homeowners fees, if you desired premium channels contact cable company directly                                                   Customer Service Center: 800-934-6489       http://www.comcast.com/

AT&T  Phone:   Customer Service: 1-888-757-6500   http://www.bellsouth.com/

TRASH: Pick up is MONDAY and THURSDAY, recycle pick up is MONDAY and vegetation pick up is THURSDAY. Trash and yard cuttings may not be put curbside prior to sundown the day before pickup. If you have bulk pick up items, you may phone SWA to arrange for pick up.

PULSAR:  Home Monitoring Company. Any questions please call  863-3667


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